You Guessed it… It’s that Time of Year Again!

Every year it seems, we wait longer and longer to take our annual family portrait. This year was no exception. We planned the shoot back in November, but didn’t get it set up until about December 19th. If we’re not careful, we’re going to miss the holiday season altogether next year.

We decided to take our portrait in a different direction than in years past and this was the result. I had planned on growing a mustache for the shoot (or if what little facial hair I can grow there is even considered a mustache), but had a formal event to attend a few days before the shoot and had to shave it.

Since a photo is worth a thousand words, I’ll end this post here. I plan to blog often while on winter break, so I look forward to getting back into the habit of writing regularly.

Happy holidays everyone!

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5 Responses to “You Guessed it… It’s that Time of Year Again!”

  1. trent says, or rather, writes:

    The response was great from my family/fiends as well. Let me know if you figure out how to top it for next year, because at this point, I’m blanking.

  2. dMullins says, or rather, writes:

    Hah!—my lady and I did the exact same thing this year. The response was great from family and friends and gave us something fun to chat about during those awkward in-law moments.

  3. Jessica Pine says, or rather, writes:

    This is FABULOUS i love it.

  4. Scott says, or rather, writes:

    I’m looking forward to more frequent blogs!

  5. Matt says, or rather, writes:

    I absolutely love this picture. Im crossing my fingers that next year, the dog gets eye shadow also.