One Week On; Still Alive

A week after launching my first portfolio site update in over five years, and I have to say, I’ve been very pleased with the response. I don’t know if you’re like me, but for some reason, the minute I finish a project (be it design, writing or music), I start thinking about revisions, redesigns and how to make it better. Chalk it up to feelings of inadequacy or just plain neurosis; it happens almost every time. I try to tell myself, “I just constantly strive to be better”, but I think this is a pretty common feeling among designers.

Though the occasional tweak is unavoidable (as visual issues pop-up in new blog posts such as this), I will fight the urge to radically revise and redesign; for a while anyway. Time to focus on drumming up press, support, work and contacts with the current site.

I submitted this update to a number of design showcases, and the ever-popular CSS web galleries, and have noticed a definite spike in traffic because of it. I’ve gotten some nice notes from people and wanted to give them links, since they’ve been kind enough to add me.  Please take a gander at these sites for some design inspiration when you are feeling stuck!

In no particular order, the newest galleries:

As I receive word about new galleries that link here, I’ll  post links back to them to say thanks! If you have galleries you like to submit your new web, print, branding, etc work to, please post them in the comments and we’ll have a good, old-fashioned link-exchange.

3 Responses to “One Week On; Still Alive”

  1. scott says, or rather, writes:

    I think offering the prints is a great idea! I have no idea where extra copies of mine are. I look forward to seeing them on the site. I had a lot of fun making those.

  2. trent says, or rather, writes:

    Will do Scott! I have new articles and more work just about ready to show, including the series of serigraph diptychs we made back in college. I was rummaging around my “Archives” (which is a fancy way of saying “the portfolios leaning against the wall in my studio”) and found them all.
    Since we were required to print multiple copies, I was thinking of offering many of mine here on the site. Still undecided, but having pieces available would definitely be nice on the website.

  3. scott says, or rather, writes:

    Ah, yes, I know that post-project-completion feeling too well. I am also quite familiar with the similarly frustrating lack-of-motivation-to-start-a-project feeling.

    Congratulations week one of the new site and the positive feedback.

    More work! (I can draw inspiration from your productivity)