After designing the new identity package for myself, I decided that there was too much of a disconnect from my personal printed pieces to my online presence. It’s not necessary to totally follow the letterhead and business card out the window, but tightening up the look overall will definitely help cohesion between mediums.

There are some new features to the site, but I’m striving to keep it simple.

  1. I’ve added tags to all posts, so as the site grows, article relationships will [hopefully] become apparent.
  2. Project images are larger [I will re-shoot some/much of the work, but this will be sufficient in the immediate future].
  3. Simplified the page structure, code and CSS.

There will be bugs to fix, new features to add, and some basic streamlining to do, but please, bang around on this thing and send me a note, or leave a comment if you come across any issues [which is highly likely].

I hope you like the cleaner update, I’m interested to hear your thoughts.

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