Have some wallpaper, you’re too thin!

I created some wallpaper backgrounds for my iPhone and thought “why not makes these available for download, free for anyone who wants them?” – so, here ya go.

I decided not to ‘brand’ these as T.White Design wallpapers simply because it’s not necessary to plaster my name on everything I design.

Take these and use as you will. I acquired the elements to create these pieces freely over the years, and just want to give them back. The ‘copter’ series was an idea for a set of serigraphs I was going to make, but haven’t printed. I also have plans to create a t-shirt series from that set. Enjoy!

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One Response to “Have some wallpaper, you’re too thin!”

  1. Scott K. says, or rather, writes:

    Damn! I don’t have an iPhone (or a smart phone for that matter). I’m about 3.62 years behind the technology curve in just about every aspect of life. Anyway, the new site looks fantastic, and I love the wallpapers. I’m very excited about the prints and/or t-shirts you mentioned making from these designs. XOXO