Overview – Nike: Glory in 3, 2, 1…

This series is based on the split-second action required in many competitive sports. One action, or hesitation can be the deciding factor of victory or defeat. These can be viewed from two angles; depending on the point of view of the action. A big defensive play that stops the other team from scoring, or a strike-out is equally as important a big offensive play.

I needed a high sense of drama for these environments, so I scoured the gallery of our photographer, Bryan Tebbenkamp to find the right images. Over the years he’s shot thousands of photos of the UCM sports teams, so I was confident I could find the action I wanted to focus on, even if I needed to blend together multiple shots. Below are a few of the originals, so you can see the elements before and after.

These were designed as a creative exercise. It’s important always stay current and flex your design muscles. Often times, real clients don’t have the budget or desire for large-scale campaign development, digital strategy or need for sophisticated, cutting-edge design. It’s all about what’s appropriate for the client.

I chose Nike for this particular project because the drama I wanted to create visually would be more appropriate than for a client such as “mom and pop’s shoe repair”. I would like to show potential employers that I am campaign-minded and think holistically. Designing and developing for large-scale clients forces you to think of multi-channel solutions and how one can use emerging technology to create new interactions.

These would obviously work as print ads, or even billboards due to the simplicity of the message and composition, but being an Interactive Art Director, my thoughts moved toward creating an interactive environment, or a captivating motion piece.

One implementation might be to have users vote on what they think is the “most dramatic moment in sports,” I would  recreate this composition as I have above. Also, we could pit legendary athletes from all over sports history that never faced one another and create these compositions. In effect, creating the “ultimate dramatic moment in sports” based on user votes (voting via twitter, facebook etc).

Another application of the split second decision making could utilize YouTube and the link capabilities of videos. Multiple sports videos can be hot-linked to tell a story.

There are a number of sports that this can be applied to from volleyball, soccer, to bicycling, or motor sports. I am currently gathering photos for two more pieces in the series.

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